Analytics Lab 2017 Team Progress

Our 2017 Analytics Lab development teams are have been busy over the past month investigating problems to solve and acquiring the data sources they need to begin building dashboards.

The areas our teams are looking at include:

Team Tom (Research):

  • Gaining a better understanding of the ‘Research Student journey’ from application through course delivery, to completion and destination of leavers
  • Brexit scenario planning to better understand the possible effects of Brexit / global PESTLE issues on research student, staff and research
  • Preparing for REF – gaining a better understanding of staffing profile strengths and weaknesses to optimise REF 2021 return

Team James (Students and employability):

  • Getting a better understanding of the effects of changes in student numbers and subject/courses will make on our TEF employment metric
  • Understanding a student’s employment prospects (salary, jobs current, jobs needed) to validate a course for viability

Team Cath (Finance)

  • Understanding the types of fee income streams by student types (including students from UK / EU / outside the EU), and looking at student movements between institutions / dropout rates in order to assess the financial implications
  • Provide access to a range of key financial indicators and compare them by different groupings of institutions to make better investment and spending decisions based on more accurate data, and be better informed about key sustainability risks and issues

Team Shabana (International students):

  • Identifying subject/regional demand and the competition to inform academics of course viability and market potential when developing new courses or enhancing existing courses.
  • Exploring entry requirements to Universities and the demographics of the people who apply to analyse the types of students at GCSE/A Level and what they apply with.  Also looking at how successful they are to the individual universities to inform academics about what prospective students they could get

Team Olymbia (Staffing):

  • Comparison of salaries, characteristics, grades, etc. across institutions and benchmarking of data. Mapping the staff journey (when they come from and where they go) to better understand staff profiles and how they compare nationally.
  • Find out if the demographics of academic staff is representative of the student population to understand if this impacts on staff/student retention or outcome

All are making good progress and will be continuing to work over the next two months developing dashboards within the Analytics Lab data environment to showcase in April.

Are you interested in joining a team?  We’re recruiting now for teams starting in May

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