Dashboard release planned December 2016

We’ve run three cycles of Heidi Lab to date, with each producing a number of excellent dashboards. It’s taken some planning but we’re now able to begin to release our Heidi Lab dashboards through Heidi Plus. The plan is to release six of our basic dashboards in early December 2016, with a further release of the more complex material in Spring 2017. These will be taken from the back catalogue of dashboards produced to date.

Going forward we expect to speed up the process (we’re hiring) aiming to release dashboards 3 months after each of the future planned analysis cycles (Jan – April, April – July, September – December).

So what’s in the December release? A taste of things to come. Six off our simplest dashboards comprising;

  • Destinations of Leavers in Higher Education (DLHE) Explorer
  • Multi-DLHE
  • Finding comparable providers
  • University Research Benchmarking
  • Athena Swan
  • HESA Higher Education Business and Community Interaction (BCI) Survey Part B Explorer

Here’s a quick look at the two DLHE dashboards. These provide ways of looking at the destinations data from the perspective of one institution compared with another. They offer a broad exploration of where students end up, looking at whether students have continued onto graduate study, found a job, gone onto study elsewhere or became unemployed. The dashboards were created (along with many others) by a team comprising;

  • Laura Knox, University of St Andrews
  • Claire Daniells, University of Plymouth
  • Frances Leach and Nicola Witts, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Natalie Butler, Leeds Beckett University
  • Rhode Rowlands, Sheffield Hallam University
  • With support from Shri Footring, Jisc and Scott Wilson, CETIS LLP

We provide two views of the DLHE dashboards below. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.



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