HESA Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction Survey Part B Explorer

We recently announced that in December 2016, we will be releasing into Heidi Plus a number of dashboards produced during the past three cycles of Heidi Lab.

The dashboards include one that allows you to explore explore part B of the Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey returns over a three year period. Part B of the survey includes:

  • Research related activities
  • Business and community services
  • Regeneration and development programmes
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Social, community and cultural engagement

Using the dashboard you’re able, using HESA data from the survey, to compare your provider’s interactions with the wider community and also with other comparable providers. This can provide a real boon to your organisation’s planning activity.

The dashboard is designed around a table of selected items from the survey and shows the responses together with a ranking for the particular value. The views across the dashboard can be adjusted to focus on particular areas or academic years depending on requirements. Changes over time in data can also be explored and compared against other providers and the sector as a whole.


click on the thumbnail to view a larger image

More dashboards inspired and developed by colleagues in the sector will be released in 2017 – you’ll be able to find out more about them through updates on this site. Watch this space.



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