Athena Swan

We recently announced that in December 2016, we will be releasing into Heidi Plus  a number of dashboards produced during the past three cycles of Heidi Lab.

We thought you might like a preview.

One team has developed a dashboard that enables the exploration of equality data provided by higher education providers as part of their Athena Swan returns.

The development of the dashboard is timely given the extent to which gender bias, for instance, features in the media and within sector-related conversations.  For instance, coverage by the BBC of United Nations and UK research activity in this area in Are Universities Secretly Sexist?  The article reported that in the UK whilst half of lecturers are women, only 24% of professors and 18% of vice-chancellors or principals are women.

Features of the Athena Swan Explorer Dashboard include the potential to explore:

  • Provider demographics
  • Staff demographics by institution

athena swan 2

click on the image to enlarge

More dashboards inspired and developed by colleagues in the sector will be released in 2017 – you’ll be able to find out more about them through updates on this site.  Watch this space.

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