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Throughout the project we’ll be identifying user needs and issues requiring resolution for users to make the best use of our new services and hence reap the benefits of business intelligence. We’ll attempt to match these to existing resources and update where necessary, but where we identify gaps in provision we’ll consider commissioning new resources.

Here are some resources that you may find useful.  We will update this page throughout the project.  If you feel there are any gaps please contact us at [email protected]

Quick guide: developing business intelligence

An executive overview of business intelligence with a few pointers to other resources

Detailed guide: Benchmarking

This resource is intended as a toolkit to help develop understanding and use of benchmarking

Detailed guide: Business Intelligence

Based on 4 years experience of business intelligence in Higher Education this guide features a wealth of resources for those involved in implementation

Detailed guide: Data visualisation

Data visualisations offer the opportunity to share insights gleaned from often complex analyses to a wide range of end user. This guide explores what makes good visualisations along with the pitfalls.

Detailed guide: managing information

Underpinning business intelligence is accurate information. This guide is aimed at helping those who have responsibility for setting up or maintaining information and records management measures

Detailed guide: Records Management

Records management is an established theory and methodology for ensuring the systematic management of all records and the information they contain throughout their lifecycle. This is an introduction to some of the key concepts and terminology for those new to the area.

Report: International Benchmarking in UK Higher Education

This report presents the findings from a brief review of international benchmarking in the UK
higher education (HE) sector