Analytics Labs

Analytics Labs offers higher education providers an experimentation opportunity to refresh Heidi Plus content with insights from a wide range of data sources. Cross-organisational, analysis teams work together to solve problems using well known data sources such as the HESA collections (drawing on a Jisc/HESA data sharing agreement) linked to other educational (cross sector), demographic, employability, economic and geospatial data sets. These are loaded into our controlled analysis environment*. A suite of cutting edge tools, currently Tableau and Pentaho Kettle are used to carry out analysis on that data.

Teams are able to rapidly produce analyses, visualisations and dashboards for a wide variety of stakeholders to aid with decision making. They receive weekly feedback and use this for iterative re-development in an Agile Scrum model based on 1 day of effort per person per week over a 12 week cycle. The process results in a suite of polished analysis in around three months, which are presented to each other and sector experts at a closing Showcase event.

Outputs will be considered for migration to the Heidi Plus service or an alternative Jisc beta service, meaning the offer to all our customers, regardless of their capability, is regularly refreshed with new features and data driven insights. Features include:

  • Accessing a wider range of datasets than is currently possible, for experimentation purposes, safely and affordably
  • Identifying currently unknown trends and insights to provide new evidence base for sound business decisions
  • Innovating through collaborative working, for example across institutional planning functions

*Data cannot be removed, allowing sensitive / commercially valuable data inclusion

Analytics Labs