Benefits of Analytics Labs

There are a number of reasons to get involved in Analytics Labs. Read below for details of how this can help both you and your organisation.

For your organisation:

Saves effort

  • Gain access to insights you may not have had in-house capacity or capability to realise alone
  • Remove some of the resource-heavy duplication of effort
  • Previous participants have reported potentially significant time savings

Saves money

  • Procurement, software licences and service delivery are all taken care of
  • A wide range of efficiencies and improved effectiveness due to the insights themselves
  • Highly skilled staff through 12 days of professional development
  • Gain access to an extensive range of datasets, many of which are unavailable or prohibitively expensive

For your participants:

  • Gain experience of practices outside of your organisation, by joining a cross-organisational team
  • Get practical experience of using Agile development
  • Develop new skills through working with the Analytics Labs toolset (based on Tableau and Alteryx)
  • Apply the new knowledge, expertise and insights to benefit you and your organisation