Experts Group

Community Dashboards will be delivering visualisations produced by Analytics Labs teams to the sector through Heidi Plus from September 2017. To complement this, HESA and Jisc are forming a Community Dashboards Experts Group to work with us to make Community Dashboards appeal to a wider range of end users.

Meeting for the first time in October 2017, the group will have 40-50 members representing a wide cross-section of university departments and sections (for example, but not limited to, planning, finance, library, estates, human resources, etc.) covering a good mix of data skills, analytics experience, and tableau skills, as well as HESA and Jisc staff. We are currently looking to recruit previous Heidi Labs, Library Data Labs, Analytics Labs participants to attend two Experts Group meetings on 23 October 2017 and 13 March 2018. We are looking for HE data experts that can bring a detailed knowledge of the opportunities and issues arising from the national data landscape, coupled with technical skills in order to;

  • Suggest changes to the existing Community Dashboard portfolio, such as enhancements, bug fixes, and contributing to recommendations for dashboard retirement
  • Design and submit new dashboards for consideration by the group
  • Identify key focus areas for future Analytics Labs teams
  • Nominating/recommending staff for new Analytics Labs teams

Membership of the group will initially be for one year. During this year, members would be asked to attend two meetings and contribute on a monthly basis to the group remotely via Basecamp.

Our Community Dashboards Expert Group will include a Strategic Advisory Group comprised of invited senior staff, bringing significant experience to the initiative. They will work in parallel, considering recommendations made by the Experts Group and helping HESA and Jisc to steer the exact areas that resources will be focussed on.