Heidi Plus

Heidi Plus is a data visualisation platform for UK higher education (HE) providers and not-for-profits to harness powerful business intelligence from HE data.

What is Heidi Plus?

Heidi Plus delivers unique insights from HE data by allowing users to easily create data visualisations and dashboards about universities and HE colleges, their students, graduates, staff, finances, estates and more. Users can also access interactive visualisations (including Community Dashboards) which provide interrogable data answers to specific sector questions.

How do you access Heidi Plus?

Heidi Plus is available to all full HESA subscribers.  The valuable intelligence is also available to alternative providers and not-for-profits via a subscription service. To access Heidi Plus, either get in touch with the lead contact at your organisation, or contact the Heidi Plus team at HESA.

What are the key features of Heidi Plus?

Heidi Plus creates data visualisations and dashboards

Heidi Plus users can access interactive visualisations which provide interrogable data answers to specific sector questions.

  • Drag-and-drop visualisations and dashboards: the intuitive drag-and-drop software is easy to use – it takes minutes to create interactive visualisations and dashboards to reveal detailed and specific insights. You can create competitor groups to benchmark against and choose from different metrics and filters to suit your needs
  • Ready-made dashboards to inform planning: Jisc’s Analytics Labs is rapidly contributing to the existing Heidi Plus dashboard collection. Teams create prototype dashboards to answer pressing business questions, drawing on HESA and other data sources
  • Extensive and time-series HE data: Heidi Plus provides access to extensive and current UK HE data. It includes data from 2005, updated on a regular basis, so users can be confident that it provides the newest insights to inform decisions
  • World-leading software: Heidi Plus is delivered through award-winning Tableau, Alteryx, and other related software
  • Data can be accessed from any internet enabled device
  • Extended access across an organisation support an integrated approach to business intelligence
  • Ongoing training and support: Heidi Plus Essentials and Advanced training courses equip users with the skills needed for Heidi Plus, and a dedicated Heidi Plus support team is available to answer any queries.


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