What is Heidi Plus?

Heidi Plus helps staff from UK higher education (HE) providers and not-for-profits harness powerful insights from HE data. It enables users to make the most of information on universities and HE colleges, their students, graduates, staff, finances, estates and more. Users can easily create data visualisations and dashboards to inform planning.

It is part of a larger collaboration between HESA and Jisc, which aims to improve higher education business intelligence capabilities, through Analytics Labs, Community Dashboards and Experts Group.

Access to Heidi Plus

To access Heidi Plus, either get in touch with the lead contact at your institution, or contact HESA directly.

Key Features of Heidi Plus

Drag-and-drop visualisations and dashboards

The intuitive drag-and-drop software is easy to use – it takes minutes to create interactive visualisations and dashboards to reveal the insights you need. You can create competitor groups to benchmark against and choose from different metrics and filters to suit your needs. You’ll also find ready-made dashboards to help you plan around sector challenges.

Extensive and time-series HE data

Heidi Plus provides access to extensive and current UK HE data. It includes up to 10 years of the most recent data, updated on a regular basis, so you can rest assured that you’re gaining the newest insights to inform your decisions.

World-leading software – anytime, anywhere

Heidi Plus is delivered through Tableau Server – a five-times Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader (2017) for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. You can access data from wherever you are and extend licences across your organisation to support an integrated approach to your business intelligence.

Ready-made dashboards to inform planning

Analytics Labs is rapidly adding to the existing Heidi Plus dashboard collection. Teams create new dashboards to answer pressing business questions, drawing on HESA and other data sources.

Ongoing training and support

Heidi Plus Essentials and Advanced training courses will equip you with the skills you need to use Heidi Plus. There is also a dedicated Heidi Plus support team who can answer any queries you may have.