The project was supported by HESPA (Higher Education Strategic Planners Association) and Universities UK.

The Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA) is a member association representing planners working in Higher Education across the UK. HESPA’s remit is to serve the development, networking and advocacy needs of HE planners from any institution at any stage in their career. HESPA are collaborators on the project providing co-design support. HESPA’s co-designers (Jackie Njoroge, director of strategy, University of Salford and Giles Carden, director of strategic planning and analytics, University of Warwick) will work alongside the other project staff to help ensure the project is appropriately framed and that the service deliverables meet the requirements of stakeholders.

Universities UK aims to be a definitive voice for universities in the UK. They provide high quality leadership and support to their members, to promote a successful and diverse higher education sector. The project will work with Universities UK to develop the area of professional services cost benchmarking. This will build on the outcomes of the ‘Delivering efficiency through effective benchmarking’ project, led by Universities UK. The UUK project has developed a taxonomy of core business processes and associated cost categories. A data capture and integration service will be created and piloted within the project which will allow HE providers to upload, share and benchmark data on professional services costs utilizing the taxonomy of business processes.

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