Core project team

Jonathan_Waller_BW_croppedJonathan Waller – Senior Responsible Officer (HESA)

Jonathan’s role at the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) includes responsibility for all of the Agency’s information output activities, covering the full range of information products and services. His 22 years’ experience of working within the HE sector began at the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) working in the area of research funding. Subsequently joining HESA, he has held a number of roles and been involved in a wide range of different activities and initiatives over the years. He contributed to the formation of the ‘Heidi’ online management information service which was launched in 2007. The appointment to his current position in late 2007 gave him overall responsibility for the content, delivery and user support of the Heidi service, as well as the strategic development of HESA’s information products and services. Starting working life as a data analyst has given Jonathan a keen sense of the value and potential of data in helping organisations to make well-informed decisions in complex and changing environments. His role in the HESA-Jisc Business Intelligence project is as the Senior Responsible Officer at HESA – working closely with Jisc colleagues to ensure that the project delivers on its potential to significantly improve business intelligence capability and impact for the benefit of user organisations.


Andrew_Mcgregor_BWAndy McGregor – Senior Responsible Officer (Jisc)

Andy is responsible for overseeing the implementation of co-design, Jisc’s new approach to innovation. Co-design has been designed to ensure that Jisc innovation work is more closely aligned with customer priorities and to deliver the new products and services that customers need. Co-design does this by ensuring that Jisc’s customers are closely involved in shaping and delivering projects. Andy also manages the team who are responsible for managing the projects which will deliver these new products and services.



Myles_Danson_BWMyles Danson – Project Manager

Myles has been working in Higher Education (HE) for eighteen years. The last eight years have been at Jisc, firstly as a Programme manager overseeing a diverse portfolio across the entire programme lifecycle with over 60 institutional projects.  Most recently he became a Co-design manager at Jisc, essentially designing new services for Jisc members. He works with a wide range of individuals, professional associations and organisations representing key HE staff with the aim of bringing the benefits of technology to bear in the enterprise area (essentially running the university as a business). In 2010 he worked with colleagues to develop the Jisc Business Intelligence (BI) Infokit, an online resource offering practical advice and guidance for those wishing to undertake BI in a higher educational setting. Later he contracted and oversaw eleven institutionally based projects as they used the resource, developing their own in house BI capability.  He is currently co-project managing this initiative with Nicola Phelps and sees this as the next big step toward helping a wide range of people to accruing the benefits BI can bring and impacting positively on their daily working practices. He likes to apply the three U’s to his work, striving to ensure that outputs are Useful, Usable and Used. He has a background in e-Learning and an MSc in Information Management. The first ten years of his career were at Loughborough University exploring e-Learning and e-Assessment systems and developing and supporting new services.


Nicola_Phelps_BW_croppedNicola Phelps – Project Co-ordinator

Nicola has been working in Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) for ten years. Her first two years were at Hartpury College in the role of Management Information Systems Manager, overseeing Individualised Learner Record submissions. For the last eight years she has worked at the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) firstly involved in the development of the agencies publications before contributing to the design and development of the Higher Education Information Database for Institutions (heidi). For the last six years she has held the role of heidi Service Manager, responsible for the day to day running of the heidi service, including data quality assurance, release and maintenance, system releases, user support and administration.   Her role in the project will include overseeing the smooth transition of current heidi users to the new Heidi-Plus service, as well as leading on the development of data content and visualisations.   She believes the new services will provide users with the functionality to undertake analysis that has until now been difficult to achieve within the current heidi service, and looks forward to supporting users in discovering the benefits that the services, and good business intelligence, will bring to their organisations.


janette-hillicks_BWJanette Hillicks – Project team member

Janette’s career in the education sector in began in 1990. Her experience covers the spectrum of student experience and business administration from admission to graduation and course data management to rolling out enterprise technology solutions – with stints as both a full-time and part-time student thrown in for good measure. She was a researcher/analyst in the Jisc infoNet advisory service for 12 years where she was provided with the opportunity to build on the hands-on experience and skills she’d acquired previously and apply them in a sector-wide context. She has developed and contributed to a broad range of highly regarded resources including those focused on sector and enterprise efficiency – working collaboratively with colleagues in the relevant sectors in order to ensure that resources are usable, comprehensive and authoritative. Her current role is as a subject specialist within Jisc with a particular focus on technology to support enterprise. A key area of her work relates to enterprise systems; i.e. those systems that are at the core and support the day to day operation of individual organisations. The processes and activities that surround these key systems are of particular interest. She is very excited to be contributing to this project, working alongside colleagues from across the sector and is keen to see the very real benefits that the initiative will bring.


Giles_Carden_BW_croppedGiles Carden – Project Co-designer

With 18 years’ experience of working in the HE sector in both the UK and Germany, Giles has occupied a wide range of different roles at Warwick over the past 16 years, for example, in research services, the Vice Chancellor’s Office, strategic planning, space management and capital developments; he has also implemented major online registry systems. In 2006/7 he directed operations for the University’s RAE2008 return and has just fulfilled the same role in relation to the REF2014. When Giles became a Director 6 years ago he made it his priority to ensure that Warwick developed an advanced business analytics and performance management capability, his objective being to leverage competitive advantage and underpin strategy development and execution. Giles undertakes a number of national advisory roles, some as part of HESPA.



Jackie_NjorogeJackie Njoroge – Project Co-designer

Jackie has been leading the Strategic Planning and Management Information team within MMU for the last year, with a mandate to help change the strategic planning direction of the University. A qualified management accountant, Jackie had a career in financial planning and management within the steel industry, before moving into Higher Education in 2003, where she eventually moved into Strategic Planning and Performance, successfully leading the team to an industry award for the implementation of Northumbria’s business intelligence solution. Jackie also Chairs the Audit Committee for GMWDA a complex £4.7 billion PFI, is a member of the (Higher Education Strategic Planning Association) HESPA executive, a Co-Designer on national JISC/HESA project to create a management information system for the sector and a regular contributor to Leadership foundation programmes.